Help us reach Leicester, Britain's most diverse city

Diwali Leicester

Last weekend we trained seventy people in our home city of Leicester. We taught them how to connect with people, share the gospel and train new disciples. On Saturday afternoon everyone went out in pairs praying for people on the streets and asking, "Are you near or far from God?" and "Would you like to be near?"

I met a Nigerian couple with a Muslim background. We had a great conversation and plan to get together and talk again. So many others had similar experiences.

From July 6-11 Christians from around Leicester and Britain will gather for a week of Mission. Each morning there will training. In the afternoons and evenings we will go out into the community searching for “houses of peace.”

When Jesus sent out his disciples he told them to look for God-prepared people who would open their homes to the messengers and their message (Luke 10).

We’ll be going out with a small gift of cookies and an offer to pray for any needs in the homes we visit. We’re looking for people in whom God has been working with the intention of starting neighbourhood Discovery Bible Study groups in homes.

We are planning for 40-50 workers to join us on this mission.

Over the last half-century Leicester has been transformed through immigration of people from the far corners of the former British Empire. Leicester was the first city in England in which ethnic minorities have become more than 50% of the population of 330,000. In 2011 white Britons accounted for 45% of Leicester’s population (down from 61% in 2001), while Asian Indians (including British-born Indians) accounted for 28% of the population – up from about 26% in 2001. Most of the South Asians are Gujarati Indians who were expelled from Uganda and Kenya in the late 60s and early 70s.

Christianity has been declining in Leicester. Islam, and “no religion” are on the increase. Hinduism has remained constant.

Leicester is home to the largest Hindu Diwali festival (Festival of Lights) outside of India (photo above).

What to pray for ….

  • the 40-50 workers from Leicester and around the UK
  • God-prepared people
  • open doors to return and begin Discovery Groups in homes
  • pray that the fruit of this Mission would be new disciples who are learning to follow Jesus and share the good news with their family and friends
  • pray that the training and the outreach would continue in Leicester beyond this event
  • pray that other cities in Britain would open up to training and mission pushes

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