Great Commission - I am with you

The Great Commission ends, not with a command, but with a promise. Jesus says “I (emphatic) will be with you”. His name is Immanuel (Matt 1:3) — God with us. In the Old Testament when God called people to a task, he promised to go with them (Ex 3:12; Jos 1:5), The risen Lord now makes the same promise.

This is a promise, not just to be present, but to be active on their behalf as they obey his Commission. He is not working with them, they are working with him. Jesus still leads the way.

He will be with them always, literally “the whole of every day.” He will be with them always, and to the end of the age. This Commission is not just for the original disciples, but for all those who will follow, until the end of history.

The kingdom has come, but the present evil age continues until the mission is complete — making disciples of every people group, baptizing and teaching them to obey everything Jesus has commanded. Do this and the risen Lord promises you will never be alone.

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